Strengthening Poor Young Girls and Single Mothers by Empowering them to Make and Sell Soap

Young women and girls in Zimbabwe remain vulnerable to poverty and food insecurity at household level because they are dis-empowered socially and economically, hence the prevalence of child marriage particularly with girls, due to the cultural pressures &expectations put on them.

The Women Advocacy Project is very grateful to Action for World Solidarity (ASW – Germany), The Advocacy Project (AP- USA), Rockflower (USA) and Stichting Project Overal (Netherlands) for their financial support that has enabled WAP empower the underprivileged young women single mothers and girls victims of child marriage who have begun to gain hope to life and self-assurance through engaging in entrepreneurial activities by manufacturing and selling dish washing liquid soap, an income generating project that is helping them sustain their households, enrol back to school and reduce the prevalence of forced, early child marriage in Chitungwiza and Epworth townships of Zimbabwe.

WAP Beneficiaries making soap in Chitungwiza
Liquid Soap making Training in progress

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