WAP has met with hundreds of girls over the past four years. On this page we present profiles of some of the girls who have sought support from WAP and worked with out team.

Zivanai, now 18, married a senior member of the Apostolic Church and is one of several wives. (AK)

Anani, 15, learned from her sister’s mistake and does not want to marry early (AK)

Anasha, 15, dropped out of school (AK)

Angeline’s family forced her to marry her boyfriend when she was just 17. (AK)

Ayanerudo, 19, cannot complete school because she owes $450 in overdue fees. (AK)

Chihedza, 28, runs a stall but struggles to pay $30 a month to send 3 children to school. (AK)

Chipo was made pregnant by her boyfriend at 16 and then abandoned. (AK)

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